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 It's a matter of style and presence, attractive and enticing go so far with unique and easy helping to bring you an audience suited to your target market!


designUnique works on the theory that a Web Presence can take on many forms. We work with you to ensure your needs are met as a business, what is the most cost effective way for you to bring traffic to your business, both virtual and foot. Nowdays credibility is so much more that just a simple website, business's that do'nt have a web presence are yet to unlock the potential for more clients. We are aware of budget constraints and by no means aim for the cheap and cheerful as oppposed to professional and beautifully designed.

We offer a content writing service and help you to grab a piece of the Social Media pie, we investigate ways to help you, as our Client to find the best option for your business. We work with you from planning to moving in, which is going LIVE and afterwards we stay around to support you and help you maintain a relevant and up-to-date web presence. We evolve with you and your business.

We are happy to meet with you to discuss your needs and budget and can tailor-make anything to suit your business.